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Editing Audio at a Quarter Speed

While mastering sound effects with ultrasonic content and working a lot with recordings, slowed down to 50% or even 25% speed, I noticed that removing short extraneous noises in RX Spectral Editor may be much easier when the recording is slowed down.
You just get a higher “time resolution” for your ears and brain when listening this way.

I can recommend this technique for dialogue editing and music editing as well. By the way, Pro Tools always had the option of playback at half speed (Shift+Spacebar shortcut). It is not so obvious in Izotope RX, but slowing down in RX is fast and easy. Just open the Resample module, set the “New sampling rate” to the fraction of the original sample rate (to 12000 Hz for 25% of the original 48000 Hz), tick the option “Change tag only” and click “Render”. The audio data is not altered this way, just the Sample rate tag that determines the playback speed of the file. When you are done with painting out the noise, use Resample module to set the sample rate of the file back to 48000 Hz. You may save your own presets for the Resample module with predefined sampling rate frequencies you prefer for slowing down your material and then speeding it up back.

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